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Steamroller or Road?

February 2, 2015

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Stewart Brand, author of the wonderful book How Buildings Learn: What Happens After They’re Built (Viking Press/1994), which we recommend highly, by the way, is credited with the blunt and fairly awful warning: “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” Nice picture.


It is with that apparent trepidation expressed in the words by Brand we find ourselves humbly entering the blogosphere - attempting to keep active in the world-changing technology commonly known as “social media” and to jump on the steam-rolling bandwagon - or at least not to become the road.


We recognize that sharing free information and opinion is healthy, and perhaps even necessary, though at the same time, we’re not pretending to offer literary excellence. We are architects. Whereas a blog may be akin to a writer’s informal diary or occasional post of random thoughts and ideas, the architect prefers to sketch his or her random thoughts on napkins.   That is to say, we tend think visually and to be drawers - not writers. Please don’t expect Shakespeare or Stephen King, dear reader.


Okay, enough with the steam-rolling and self-effacing talk. In truth, we are pretty excited about this new blog. We are a team of highly dedicated and passionate design professionals. Over the years, we have had the fortune of working on some nifty projects with great clients - much of it recognized by our peers with numerous awards.   With that experience, we have gained an appreciation for healthy relationships and learning lessons—and we are more than willing to share our lessons learned with you.


Besides writing on subjects we hope you will find interesting, this blog also offers the opportunity for each of our team members to contribute.  We aim for everyone at Allison Architects to have a hand in this.  We are truly a team - each of us offering a slightly different perspective and character.  Along with the opportunity for each of us to contribute is the opportunity for you to learn more about who we are - what makes us tick.


We plan to post on different subjects, ranging from experience in library design, fitting modern functions in historic buildings, the latest trends in interior design, strategies for energy efficiency and sustainable design. We may throw in a case-study or two—and we may just get bored with the writing and post images of some of our sketches instead.


So, our first post will be coming very soon, offered by the firm’s principal and founder, John Allison, on the subject of the importance of natural light in interiors.  John’s contribution comes with decades of experience as a licensed architect. He has seen trends come and go - but the importance of natural light in making great spaces has always remained a priority.


Whatever the topic may be, we hope you will find it helpful and relevant—but at the very least, just interesting or entertaining fodder for the day.


 Aaron  Ruby, AIA, LEED AP


Aaron recently merged the firm he founded, Ruby Architects, with Allison Architects in the summer of 2014.  Aaron has been active in the restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures in Arkansas since graduating from the UofA in 1997.  He is a committed volunteer, serving on both preservation and design related groups, as well as serving as a volunteer firefighter.

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