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Getting to Know:  Sarah Goss

October 2, 2017

Today, we share a brief interview with Interior Designer, Sarah Goss.  Sarah began working at the firm in 2006, and as the Director of our Interior Design Department, she is engaged in many aspects of our projects - from space planning, coordination with the architectural design, and material selection to furniture selection, assistance with construction drawings, and installation observation. Sarah's dedication and passion are evidenced through the numerous awards from the American Society of Interior Designers that her projects have received.


Where did you grow up?


Outside of Little Rock in the small town of East End.


What is your favorite color?


Teal, aqua, turquoise family.


Do you prefer to cook at home or eat at a restaurant?


I like the quietness of home with my husband & kids at the table, however, it’s so nice NOT to have to cook too.


How do you take your coffee?


LOTS of sweeter &  creamer.


Where would you love to visit that you have not?


My husband & I have been very fortunate to visit many places in his military career - Germany, Switzerland, Austria.  We would love so much to go back there again.  There are many places I have not been that I’d love to visit - one in particular is Hawaii.


Do you prefer to draw with a pen, pencil, or computer?


Computer.  Ideas flow faster for me when I’m drawing in CAD.  I like to know that the scale is correct & dimensions are accurate as I come up with design ideas. For example: I don’t want to “hope” that there is enough room in that space for the table I love.  I want to KNOW there is room before I show a client.  I want to KNOW that the space flows as it should & that there are proper clearances, etc.   Same thing as I think about finishes.  I like to include, for example, the exact size of the tile, rugs, ceiling tiles, etc. & think through how patterns lay out.   And maybe also because I’m not particularly a great sketch artist.  Ha!


What led you to pursue a career in interior design?


Growing up, I was the kid that loved to rearrange my room & redecorate.  I loved placing things until they were ‘just so.’ My parents owned a business that was in an old house.  At a pretty young age, I remember thinking, “if this was my house I’d put the sofa here, chair there…” I never knew I was space planning already.  My mom often decorated at church & I picked up on her instinct for things to be aligned perfectly, so really, I’ve been in training my whole life. Ha!  I did not begin my college experience with an eye for design; I began with an interest in child physiology.  I soon realized that was not God’s call on my life.   I began design courses at UCA not even fully knowing myself what I was getting into.  It was so much more than decorating.  It was floor plans, problem solving, puzzles.  I loved it!  It became the one area that I truly excelled at academically so I new I had found my niche! I found my passion!


What do you like to do in your “free” time?


I love spending time with my husband & girls…getting out of the house in nature , board games, or just movies on the couch.


What is the last book you read or last movie you watched?


Let’s see…the last grown up movie- ha- The Intern.  Needless to say, its been a while, but it was really good.


Do you have a favorite style of design or favorite architect/interior designer?


As a designer, I like every style; however, I typically lean towards contemporary design.  I also really love eclectic spaces.  I’m seeing a lot of newer trends that mix several styles together like contemporary, traditional, or transitional with eclectic & bohemian inspired pieces.  I find those spaces very warm & interesting.


What is one of your favorite aspects of being an interior designer?


I, of coarse, like to be creative.  I love mixing fabrics to make a space interesting & selecting furniture, finishes & lighting.   However, the highlight is to see a client excited about a project.  A passionate client is fuel for me!   I always want to know what their dreams are for a space.   I never want to design a space to my taste only- to be just another “pretty” picture in our portfolio.  I want the client to be apart of it- for it to be THEIR space.  Seeing them pleased in the end makes any design challenge worthwhile.


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